Reunion Committee

Next 50th Reunion Planning Committee meeting is scheduled for June 20, 2020 @ noon EDT through Zoom video chat.        

Planning Updates to date:  

  • 50th reunion scheduled for weekend of June 5th 2021
  • Location:   Meadowbrook Club, Clayton, Ohio
    • UPDATES:  We will most likely have an informal gathering on Friday evening at a local tavern (TBA).  Early birds? We may meet up at our favorite local pizza joint on Thrusday evening.  Saturday morning will be a tour of the newly renovated high school,  a tour of historic Englewood, and a golf outing for those interested.  Our main event will be held Saturday evening at Meadowbrook Club. Most likely early Sunday brunch or picnic to say our farewells.  Geting excited!!
  • Committees are working hard to finalize plans so we can reccommend hotels and lock in pricing for reunion events. 
  •  Any questions/comments/suggestions for  planning are welcome. Please contact us !



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  • Update your email address when it changes. This is our main source of contacting classmates.       See below for list of classmates that need to update email address.  Call them, message them .   Let them know we need knew email address!!!

Please Reach out to these class members.  We need updated email addresses. 

                 Bounced Email 

Beverly Haubenestal (Gall) BGALL@ 03/24/20    
Christopher Lindley 03/22/20    
Jonathan Durko jon.durko@ 03/22/20    
Michael Mitchell mitchell@ 03/22/20    
Carol Dunkel 03/22/20    
Sheila Denihan (Kelly) srkelly2009@ 03/22/20    
George Barlow sawdust1@ 03/22/20    
Linda Branscomb (Fetters) 03/22/20    
Rita Oliver (Troutman) 03/22/20    
Charlene Farren (Pratt) 03/22/20    
Daniel Garrison bigodrg@ 03/22/20    
Sharon McPeck (Pomeroy) sharon@ 03/22/20    
Cathy Sherbet (Brunswick) 03/22/20    
Stephanie Duvall (Noble) 01/21/20    
Wayne Craig 01/08/20    
Jo Durko (Schelle) 12/13/19    
Patricia Collins (Henderson) 05/17/19    
Keith Lowry 05/17/19    
Eric Earnhart 04/19/19    
Kevin Smith 04/19/19


Planning Committee:

Loren Yukowa             

Rick Dobberstein and Sandy Wolff Dobberstein 

Rick Applegate         

Robin Huls Rankin

Debra Share Metzger

Craig Bussey                  

Jackie Pottle Allen 

Debbie Ritter Stahl   

Gail Grise Spicer 

 Dave Gribler                    

Jim Helpling                 

Ken Beck and Debbie Marcum Beck

Shirlee Goelz Lewis

Marcia Williams Bechtel

BE SAFE and stay healthy.   Hope to see all at our 50th Class Reunion!!