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•   Raymie Ortman (Degnan)  5/27
•   Marcia Kuhr (Russakow)  5/28
•   Sue Lindeman (Saunders)  5/28
•   Greg Kruskamp  5/29
•   Wanda West (Salyers)  5/31
•   Deborah Fincel (Hettinger)  6/2
•   Gary Turner  6/2
•   Duff Geier  6/3
•   Don Smyers  6/4
•   Brenda Jones (Anderson)  6/6
•   Elizabeth (Betsy) Wertz (Stocks)  6/8
•   Alan Pennington  6/11
•   Craig Bussey  6/13
•   Sherry Lawson (Buckner)  6/13
•   Larry Riggs  6/22
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Northmont High School
Class Of 1971
50th Reunion Planning Meeting

I've set up a date/time/place for the meeting to discuss preliminary planning for a 50th reunion. The meeting will be Saturday, May 26, at 12 noon, at T.J. Chumps, 559 South Main Street in Englewood. If you are interested in helping to plan a reunion, or if you would like to have input regarding details of a reunion, you are invited to attend.

If you can't attend, but are in contact with any classmates who you think might want to come to this meeting, please pass on this information to them.

Loren Yukawa

p.s. Someone in the survey asked who the class president was. It was me.

Welcome New Classmate

Welcome to the Northmont High School Class of 1971 website. Take a few minutes and look around. When you are ready to sign in for the first time: Click on Classmates Profiles and then on your name. Then fill in your profile.   Hope that you enjoy the website. Come back often as you like.  You will only see this announcement if you are not signed in.

Have pictures that you would like to share with the class of your Grandbabies?  Click on the link on the left to add your pictures of your grandbabies or grand-animals. 






Northmont High In Days to Come
And the Years behind us roll
See thy sons have risen from thee
Sturdy Hearted Pure of Soul
We shall pledge our love forever
sing thy praises to the sky
Weave the story of thy glory
Alma mater Northmont High





How long has it been since you listened to

the Best Band in the Land

NHS Fight Song?  a.k.a. I'm A Jayhawk

Turn up your Speakers and get ready to sing!



Fight on Northmont High
let our Fight Song lead us on
Win for Northmont High
let our echoes fill the air
Thunderbolts on field and Court
And in the Classroom too
On to win victorious always loyal and true Northmont ever proud Green & White
will follow you




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