SURVEY Class Reunion


Looking ahead towards 2021,

Your Reunion committee has been busy this summer planning a fun 50th reunion weekend for you.

Currently we have planned for our 50th class reunion to be held the weekend of  June 4,5,6, of 2021.

 With alot of uncertainty on how long COVID-19 will last and when a vaccine will be available,  Your Reunion committee would like some input. 

Some of you may think this is too early to even think about next year and that is okay. Just comment in the survey that it's too early.  We appreciate any feedback.

*****If you are receiving this in email, hat means we have a enail address for you that got it to you.  When you respond, might we request that you register on the website ( if you are not already) and complete the survey on the website?  Or, if you prefer not to register and wan(t to respond by mail, in the comments box could you confirm your current mailing address and also include a phone number and email address?


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1)   1971 50th class reunion activities are currently scheduled for weekend of June 4,5,and 6th 2021. I would like our 50th class reunion committee to keep our reunion the weekend of June 4th 5th, and 6th 2021 as planned if possible.

Yes No
2)   I would like the reunion committee to postpone our 50th reunion until fall of 2021. ( September or October 2021)

Yes No
3)   Currently I have real concerns of any 2021 plans and would prefer our class reunion be pushed out to 2022.

Yes No
4)   Comments: